Nietzsche and Jesus: two extremes that are touched?

22 de fevereiro de 2008

Every believer is in same way an atheist, because the affirmation of his belief implicates almost always the negation of others beliefs and gods; more clearly: to be a Christian it is necessary to deny or to ignore the Islam, the Judaism, the Buddhism, the Hinduism, the Umbanda, the Pantheism etc.; and contrariwise; in other words, to believe in Jave, for example, it is necessary to discredit others gods with the same authority or dignity: Zeus, Apolo, Amon, Crom, Thor, Odin, Baal, Allah, Shiva, Brahma, Vishnu, Ogum, Isis, Iansa, Jaci and so many others. Therefore, the “my God” and the “my religion” exclude the belief, the god and the religion of the others, because only “my faith” and “my God” are true; everything more is false. At last, the belief, the religion and the gods of the others is just a superstitions, diabolical things etc.

To say that only exist one god, the “my God”, it is so unreasonable how much to say that there only exist one idiom, “my idiom”, one country, “my country” etc., how if only “I” was existing.

We are Christian for the same reasons that we are Brazilians and not Frenchmen or Italians and, so, we speak Portuguese and not French or Italian: we are heirs of colonization and all tradition of fights, conquests and violence what precede us, that is, a history of extermination of people, cultures, myths, languages, religions and gods. It the question is, so, something accidental: if we were colonized by the Chineses, we would be Buddhist and we would speak Chinese or Mandarin; if we were colonized by the Arabs, we would be Muslin and we would speak Arab. The god or gods of today are the mythology and the fable of tomorrow.

Any doctrine, political, moral or religious that presuppose or proposes unity is false, tyrannical, bad and opposite to the nature and to the life, because life, and everything that refer to it, is multiple, plural, several and in permanent mutation; presumption, naivety and intolerance is necessary to believe so.

In general any form of violence have some good excuse or a beautiful and sonorous metaphor; in the name of God, for example, the most terrible violence were committed: the night of San Bartolomeu, the extermination of the cataros (or Albigenses), the crusades, the inquisition, the massacres patronized by Carrycot (Exodus, 32:27 and 28) or Josue (6:21) and his current followers: Bin Laden, Bush; between others; God and the devil are innocents, but not who invoke them.

The Christianity (the Islam etc.) depends of the sin and of the sinner such as the prisons need of the prisoners, the cemeteries, of cadavers, the lords, of slaves; the Christianity (re)invented the sinner (and the sin) not to free it, but to enslave (the expression “god’s serf” does not exist by chance) and to manipulate it; to weaken it, so; worse; it intends to be the cure of the disease for himself created: the sin.

To believe in God means believe in who says to know him or represent him; soon, to be subjected to the will of God means to be subjected to the will of that which they say to represent him.

If dogs and cats could represent his gods, certainly they would represent them in the form of dogs and cats, and with variations: one pastors in the form of pastor etc. (Xenofanes, revised); also like this are the men, that make their gods by yours image and similarity, which vary in time and in the space, inevitably.

In accord with a believer, all, with the exception of that whom share of your faith, are in the sin and go for the hell or something so; there are today so many denominations (some authentic commercial enterprises) and so dissimilar and contradictory doctrines (a new Babel) that we are already not sure if the Christianity is a religion of one God and if still venerate the Christ or the money.

If God it was judged by an exempt court, it would be easy to accuse him and difficult to absolve him, because, or he would be condemned by omission: to leave that any luck of injustices, crimes and disasters they happen without doing anything, though it could do it and avoid it; or He would be condemned by action: if He is omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient, what everything knows, everything can and everything sees, so, all violence and crimes are his work, and the men are just instruments of his work, good or bad; after all, the men would act according to his cold and calculated planning, just like the death of your own son: a fraudulent and premeditated murder.

Mistakes, disappointments, treasons, diseases and deaths, however much pain and suffering cause us, are inevitable and are, so, the life itself; just like the animals and plants, we get born, grow, we become sick and die inevitably; like the fruits of a tree, which need to ripen, to fall, to rot and to set free his seeds for that others trees and fruits germinate and fructify, so also are the men: we are born for the death and die for the life (Heraclites). It is suitable to face, therefore, the life, and all of good and bad that she teases, with dignity, elegance and humor including.

A God who wanted to be adored and just not fear never would seduce or would corrupt us with promises of reward (heaven, endless life etc.) would not even blackmail us with treats of death, hell etc.; not even would motivate the subservience, and, so, the dissimulation, neither would not condemn a critic and the rebelliousness necessary; a God like this would not need serfs, not even these of He.

I only would believe in a God who was not tyrannical, jealous, mean, unfair, cruel, vindictive, a misogynist, do not like homosexual, racist. I only would believe in a God who was big and fair and ripen and wise the enough one to be able to love the persons like them really are and do not like He would enjoy that they are; I only would believe in a God able to realize what there is of big and small and divine in each one of us for besides any prejudice; a God, finally, what was treating Jews and Palestinian, believers and atheists, men and women, heterosexual and homosexual, prostitutes and criminals with the same dignity, with the same respect, at last, though we have the gift of to prophesy and know all the mysteries and the whole science, though we have a big faith, to point to transport the hills, if we have no love, nothing we will be (Corinthian 1:13).

The distinction between the good and the bad acts, between the acts of God and of the devil, and, so, the distinction between gods and devils, it does not preexists the interpretation, but it is of her resulted.

Jesus was right: the God’s Kingdom – and also of the devil, because they are the verse and reverse of the same coin, just like top and low, right and left, well and badly, motive for which one does not exist without other – is inside us (Lucas, 17:21); Nietzsche also: there are not religious phenomena, just one religious interpretation of the phenomena!


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